Overwhelming Wiredtree VPS Report

by wiredtree on May 24, 2013 0 Comments

I opted to use the services of WiredTree Hosting the previous week. You in all probability didn't realize, because the relocation was more fluid than our uptime at our ex - host, A2 Hosting. I had been putting off the transition for months, because I was anxious about trying to move our site to a new host.

However, WiredTree's support crew, proved to me in no uncertain terms that the transfer was a wise one.

My server had been A2 Hosting and I utilized them for more than a year. Poor downtime and inferior customer support were what we had to put up with during our time with them. What made us stay with them despite this was that they came cheap and also because of our uneasiness regarding the shift. A2 Hosting's unrestricted (more on that later) plans are dirt cheap. Fee every month was below $10 ...

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